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Trustworthy Transmission Repairs in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Have you encountered unusual vibrations or noises when attempting to shift gears on the road? This could indicate a problem with your vehicle’s transmission. AAMCO of Egg Harbor Township takes pride in providing trustworthy transmission rebuilds and repairs in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Our access to AAMCO’s exclusive multi-point transmission scan and extensive technical database allow us to diagnose and repair many types of transmission issues with precision. Many of our customers only need a minor transmission repair or replacement, but for those who end up needing a complete overhaul, we use only the highest quality parts backed by a nationwide warranty for your protection. We also offer free towing services for your convenience with any major auto repair.

Mechanic holding clipboard with open car engine

Rely on Our Accurate Transmission Repair Recommendations

Fixing a transmission starts with an accurate diagnosis. Our thorough multi-point transmission scan can diagnose many transmission issues. However, we may run additional testing until we’re confident we’ve located the exact source of your problem. Because our technicians use a computer scanner to download trouble codes from your vehicle’s onboard computer system to cross-reference them in our database, you can rest assured we’ll make an expert recommendation for the right type of transmission repair.

What Happens During Our Multi-Point Transmission Scan?

During your multi-point transmission scan, our highly skilled auto repair technicians will check your vehicle’s transmission, transfer case, and differential fluid levels. We’ll also conduct a quick test drive, analyzing how your vehicle acts in neutral, park, and reverse to see if you have any drivability issues. Once that’s been done, we’ll lift your vehicle up to inspect the rest of its internal and external parts and components, including:

  • Harness, ground, and vacuum connections
  • Shift cable and linkage
  • TV/detent cable and linkage
  • Engine performance (including engine idle)
  • Wires
  • Pan gaskets
  • Fluids
  • Engine mounts
  • U-joints and CV-joints
  • Axles and shafts
  • Computer diagnostics for trouble codes

The AAMCO Transmission Experts Reputation Speaks for Itself

For over half a century, AAMCO Transmissions and Car Care Centers have earned a reputation for being trusted experts in transmission maintenance, diagnosis, and repair. AAMCO of Egg Harbor Township is no exception. When you need reputable transmission rebuild or repair services in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, we have the expertise and equipment to guarantee your safety and satisfaction. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment for transmission service. We have financing (upon credit approval) available for qualified customers to help take some of the financial sting out of transmission repairs!

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